"Transaction Settlement Services" Property Sold By Owner...$995.00

ummary of Services
  •     Prepare the “Agreement of Sale” and any applicable Addendums.
  •     Review all Offers with Seller.
  •     Negotiate with Buyer’s representative to help Seller get a price that is acceptable to them.
  •     Prepare counter-offer and addendums.
  •    Provide Seller with an estimate of their closing costs
  •    Deposit the down payment monies into an escrow account.
  •    Provide guidance during the inspection process (House, Termite, Radon) and the Appraisal.
  •    Work with the Buyer’s Agent to assure that the Timelines in the contract are being adhered to.
  •    Contact the Buyer’s Lender to assure that the buyer is “Qualified” for a mortgage
  •    Work with Buyer’s Lender until a formal mortgage commitment is had in a timely manner.
  •    Guide the Seller through the Title Search and Title Insurance process.
  •    Provide consultation as needed during the post sale and pre-settlement period.
  •    Attend settlement to insure a smooth, problem free closing.


$995.00 Transaction Settlement Services Fee payable as follows:

     $295.00 Fee (non-refundable) due upon receipt of offer or when Seller finds a Buyer. 
     $700.00 Balance payable at time of settlement.