Broker Represents Seller on a Property Sold by a Realtor
For a Set Fee of $995.00

    Summary of Services:
                            Review the Agreement of Sale and Addendums.
                     Negotiate with Buyer's agent to help Seller get a price that is acceptable to them.
                     Prepare counter-offer and Addendums
     Provide Seller with an estimate of their closing costs.
                     Deposit the down payment monies into an escrow account.
                     Provide guidance during the inspection process (Property, Termite, Radon, etc.).
                     Review with Sellers any issues with the Appraisal.
                     Work with Buyer's Agent to assure Timelines in contract are adhered to. 
                     Guide Seller through the Title Search and Title Insurance process.
                     Provide consultation as needed during the post sale and pre-settlement period.
                     Attend settlement to insure a smooth, problem free closing.

  $995.00 Broker/Seller Representation Services Fee payable as follows:

     $295.00 Fee (non-refundable) due upon receipt of offer or when Seller finds a Buyer. 
     $700.00 Balance payable at time of settlement.